Let’s Be Fucking Real.

My name is Kelsy with one e. There are not two e’s. It is not ie or cie or any other dumb way of spelling it. And it is definitely not Chelsea.

I’m twenty-something. Originally from Indiana and moved to Florida in the summer of 2017.

My wife, who would not move down to Florida with me unless we were married, and I have two dogs and a cat. We both received our undergraduate degrees from the only university in Indiana that actually matters. I am currently working towards my master’s degree here in Florida.

My life is anything but perfect. I will never act like my life is perfect when it is not. Hence the need for a highly realistic blog.

A collection of new and old experiences, all which give an insight to the life I live, in hopes of providing proof that all bloggers are not Instagram and Pinterest perfect. Because honestly ya’ll…those people are not perfect anyway.

Stop stressing over not having the best looking food pictures or the ideal vacation spot that is completely paid for. We’re not about that life here.

Buckle up. You’re in for the ride of your fucking life.

And no, I won’t stop cursing.